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Installation Guide

All words and wire are is made flat unless otherwise requested.

Hanging Flat Artwork

The following methods are recommended:


Invisible Command Hooks

Ensure you double check that the hanging option you choose is suitable for your wall type.

Artwork with Prongs

The majority of our wall art designs come with the option of prongs so they can be inserted directly into your wall for that 'floating' effect. Please do contact us to double check. 

This will not be the default option and will need to be requested in the notes at checkout if this is desired.

If you choose this option, words and other shapes are made with extra wire prongs that push into small holes drilled in the wall.


To hang your art, you will need a 2mm drill bit and you can simply drill holes and slot the words in to give a floating effect with no visible fixings.

We recommend starting from the middle and working outwards!

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